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In the second half of 2017, Savvy went through 6 months of depression. He describes it as one of the lowest and worst points in his life, and a suffering that you Just can't describe. Savvy did the right thing and actively sought help, but after seeing a phycologist, he realised that it was not working for him, and decided to come up with his own tactics to beat depression. He then put these tactics into action with great effect. Savvy always saw depression as a silent and invisible enemy that no one could see, but now he is able to see that enemy and help others actively fight it. The outreach program, 

Alpha Six was born. 

"To beat depression, you don't need technique, you need tactics" 
                                                                                           - Savvy  

- Learn ALPHA SIXTactics to beat depression

- Online Resilience and Mental toughness training (Coming soon)
- Active check up on your friends and family 
- Keynote speaker
- Mental Health hiking tours 
- One on one Mindset training 
- Resilience training for kids 


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"If you don't Reveal, You won't Heal"
                                          - Savvy